Dayspring Verse


Sunday, Sep 14

  •  Sunday, September 21 at 9:30 a.m. we will listen to the music and read through the score of our Christmas Musical.  You will get to list your top 3 choices for a part and we will consider those requests.
  • October Worship Planners Needed!
  • Join us for lunch at Oklahoma Christian on Sunday, September 28.
  • Predisan Party on Saturday, September 27 from 6:30-9:00.  Check this website for details.
  • Lori will give flu shots to Dayspring members and their families on Sunday, October 5 between class and service. She will only have shots and not the nasal spray. She can immunize anyone 7 years and older. She will provide preregistration forms for an accurate account of shots needed and you may turn those in to Tracey in the office. There will be a tray available for them on her desk.

Sunday, Sep 07

  • We need all available youth to join us for another Dayspring Christmas Musical.  Let Tracey know by Sunday, Sept. 14 if you are interested in a part.
  • Congratulations to Kileen for her outstanding work and award!

Sunday, Aug 31

 Many thanks to all who help with the Chartrand cleanout;  Mike and Kathleen Duncan, Ken Adams, Henry Altmiller, Renee and Steve, Ivan, Ward, Crystal, David Webb, Eric, and Emily Parrott.

Sunday, Aug 24

  •  Thanks for volunteering to plan services for September.  Who's up for October?

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