Dayspring Verse


Sunday, Aug 30

  • Haley and Jason are getting married this week in Malibu, California and honeymooning in Hawaii. We wish them the best and are excited for their marriage to one another.
  • Robin and Donna celebrated 40 years of marriage. Happy Anniversary to a wonderful Dayspring couple!
  • Bart has volunteered for a song service next Sunday. If you would like to share a hymn or story, he would like to include you in the service.
  • Bart is also appearing in "Always Patsy Cline" at the Pollard and was recognized for his outstanding musical talents.
  • Linda purchased some 3-ring binders for a printed directory. If you are interested in having a hard copy directory, let Tracey know and she will get one printed for you.
  • The Center for Global Missions will be hosting a public lecture on Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015 at 7 p.m. in Scott Chapel. Dr. Richard Beck, chair of the psychology department at Abilene Christian University, will be speaking on the theme "Practice Resurrection: Loving in a World of Fear" based off his most recent book The Slavery of Death (Cascade Books, 2014). His lecture will be interdisciplinary combining existential psychology with Biblical theology. He does a masterful job of using tools and concepts from the discipline of psychology to help us to reflect on God and His mission in the world, particularly how the resurrection shapes us for mission.
  • Join Music Together - Heather Hoffhines and Crystal Johnson are bringing this exciting program to Edmond and Dayspring will be the location for these classes. Music Together connects families and communities across the globe as they express and explore our basic human instinct for making music. There is a demo class on Saturday, September 5 and you are invited to bring your child (ages 0-5) and yourself to explore this exciting program.
  • Be sure to mark Saturday, October 3 on your calendar. We will spend a few hours in Rita's yard to help with her gardening. 

Sunday, Aug 23

  • The next Women's brunch will be Saturday, September 26 at 11:00 at the home of Carolyn Altmiller. Bring a brunch item to share. Drinks are provided.
  • Sunday, August 30 at 5:00 pm, there will be a housewarming at the Milligan's new home. Everyone is invited to come and share in some fellowship. Refer to the link.  
  • Dr. Charles Rix will be back with us teaching our Adult Bible Class beginning this Sunday.
  • OC students are moving back in this week. Please mention Dayspring and what we have to offer to as many as you can.
  • Molly spoke with Don and Cindy and their daughter is in her second year as a Med sudent at OUHSC.
  • Rita is grateful to Dayspring for all our prayers, well wishes, and help since Patrick's diagnosis. To continue helping, we will donate some time and energy to gardening in her yard on Saturday, October 3. Please set aside the date and join us.

Sunday, Aug 16

  • Asher leaves for college this Friday. We wish him the best on this exciting, new adventure.
  • Congratulations to the Norris family; Lori and Brandon celebrated 12 years of marriage and Sam turns 1!
  • Donna is assisting with the book fair at her school and offered to spend our monies helping young readers, who normally couldn't afford books, purchase one. See her if you would like to donate a dollar or two to help out.
  • OC has an opportunity for churches to help move new students into the dorms on Tuesday, August 25 from 7:00-10:00 and 10:00 to 12:30. This day also allows the churches to inform students of their availability to meet the students' needs for places of worship. If you are interested, let Tracey know and she will tell OC that we are coming to help.

Sunday, Aug 09

  • Welcome to Travis and Jana Montgomery. See the directory for their address and other information.
  • Friday is our date for serving breakfast at the Homeless Alliance from 6-8 a.m. 
  • UR Special distribution is August 14 and 15 Contact Lori Wohl if you can help.
  • Next Sunday is our Baby Blessing Service. 
  • We are needing worship volunteers. Please pick a date and sign up on the calendar board.
  • Charles Rix will be back with us and teaching our Adult Bible Class beginning the last Sunday in August. The topic will be the Postmodern Reading of Psalms.

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